Paul Parke

Paul and JP

JP and Paul limber up for the kayaking with a fine meal and copious amounts of wine

Paul’s first exposure to Justin was when he turned up uninvited to Paul’s parents house to scrounge a lift with JP to the South of France (1978)  JP’s friend Al Colston had gone to school with Justin and could confirm his aptitude to drive the VW combi and drink beer very fast.  An ability not lost!

As Justin was hitting the road for a decade of world travel Paul took a wrong turn into the law but quickly discovered that wearing a wig and black gown didn’t go with his skin colouring and so he moved into Solicitoring where he remains today.

Occasional sightings of Justin in between trips around the world led to a memorable camping trip to the Isle of Skye in December 1990.  A trip not to be forgotten by either; Justin has still failed to forgive Paul for losing a tent pole on day 1 and Paul has still to forgive Justin for sneaking the grog into Paul’s pack and then drinking most of it on arrival.

Following the 2010 adventure Justin kindly gave Paul a framed photo of Paul on his hands and knees exhausted at the end of the trip, the photo now attracts admiring comments from all of Paul’s friends.

Not deterred by his experience Paul fully intends to repeat the mistakes of the last trip and attempt to paddle for days without any training whatsoever.  Instead he will rely on his many years in the law which have left him with an uncanny strength in his right (Blackberry) thumb and an uncanny ability to spot typo’s. These attributes will surely leave him well placed to open locks single handed and spot aggressive waterfowl.