Day 29 (5th Oct 2013) – Honeystreet to Devizes:

The lads woke up outside the Barge Inn to see the bar staff serving themselves vodka and cokes at seven o’clock. They resisted the temptation to place an order. The crew were joined by Charlotte and Chris returning from the first two days up in Yorkshire and Doctor Michelle who had paddled with the lads for a morning in Oxford. Charlotte and Chris were cycling the tow-path while Michelle was joining the kayakers on the canal.

It was a fairly short day with nine miles and a couple of swing bridges before a set of three locks in Devizes. The canal was a little overgrown in places as reeds constricted the cut in places so that one kayak had problems navigating. Curtis and Stevo spotted a bunch of hot air balloons drifting over the Wiltshire sky with a series of happy faces, British flags and polka dots.

Sooty, Ian and Jackie and others from the Devizes Canoe Club paddled out to meet the team and escort them into the town. The crew gathered at the Black Horse pub for an early debrief. The ‘Hannah’ arrived a few hours later and the team bid farewell to the Bruce Trust volunteers; Rob, Cheryl and Alan. Trevor and Tony would be returning the next day along with new skipper Bob.

Justin’s Sister and Mum, Victoria and Gabriel turned up along with David and Isabella and Chris and Helen to feast on the Boston Bean Bake cooked by Sally and delivered by Charlotte and Chris. Victoria and Gabriel had bought a new supply of cake and a re-supply of Bundaberg Rum.

Tomorrow comes the famous Caen Hill set of locks descending towards Bristol. It’s all downhill now…


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