Day 22 (28th Sep 2013) – Oxford:

Rest day! Rather amazingly Justin had scheduled in a day of rest for day 22. But as you can imagine with Gutless there were still some appointments to keep. Justin and the crew went out to the Falcon Canoeing Club and Justin hopped into a K4 kayak with Abbi Edmonds, from K4 Team GB 2012, Sam Glover, and Annie Rose, from Team GB Development Team. Meanwhile the rest munched on bacon sarnies and sipped tea. Afterwards the mob broke up and went on various shopping trips, touristy wanderings or just catching up with stuff.


Stuart had intended to stick around with the team till the bitter end but after worrying about his boat and home overnight decided he had to go back to her and work with his Dad Howard about getting the old girl back to Leeds and patched up. So Victoria drove him back to Gibraltar. Farewell Stu, you will be missed…


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