Day 21 (27th Sep 2013) – Gibraltar to Oxford:

The crew were bolstered today with the addition of several members of Oxford’s Falcon Rowing and Canoeing Club Club. Doug, Mike, Anna, Keith and Bob had brought three Canadian canoes to accompany Justin, Stevo, JP and Curtis into Oxford. Curtis had joined in to ferry the spare ‘Little Red’ reserve kayak which usually sat atop of ‘Merlot’. As the convoy paddled past ‘Merlot’ they gave a sad salute to the faithful old girl who had served them so well.

Today’s run was a fairly easy ten or so miles along the last part of the Oxford canal before hitting the Thames. The kayakers and canoe folk carried their craft around the single locks and made their way south towards academia. As they entered Oxford one of the Falcon lads mentioned that they were passing a pub called the Plough often featured in the TV show ‘Inspector Morse’. JP immediately declared that they would have to stop for a pint. Nobody protested. As the good Inspector would have said, “Pint Lewis, now”

The boats reached the Punter pub in Oxford and Justin was swapped out with Stuart. Stuart would paddle the Argonaut to the Falcon clubhouse to be stored while Justin was whisked to the studio of BBC Radio Oxford for an interview. The rest of the crew, including Victoria and Justin’s Mum, listened to the interview in the pub.

The new support boat, ‘Hannah’ arrived at the mooring outside the pub and the team met up with crew Mike, Ian and Bryan. The lads were all looking forward to a day off on Saturday and the delights of the good city of Oxford on a Friday night.


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