Day 1 – Castlefield, Manchester

The Paddlers and The Bikers at Castlefield 11th Sept 2010

On a typical wet and overcast Manchester morning our four nervous, intrepid explorers embarked into the Bridgewater canal after a traditional toast of Bundaberg rum (Australian bush medicine – warms the heart and sterilizes the guts).

The first hours consist of leaving the industrial heart of the north and viewing its rear end; first sightings of shopping trolley, television set (fading and flickering episode of Coronation Street), dead bird and several non-matching hiking boots all left foot for some reason.  The first day was a long one – fourteen miles to reach the Lymm cruising club, but at least with no locks or tunnels.  The Aussie half of the group retired immediately to the nearest public house, the Bull’s Head, to re-hydrate and debrief and were eventually joined by the rest of the group when they decamped to a local Chinese restaurant for sustenance and wine.  The evening closed with Jane’s friend Barbara attempting to seduce the youngest and fittest member of the band…

Only 226 miles to go


One Response to “Day 1 – Castlefield, Manchester”

  1. Lynn says:

    Day 1 sounds like it had all the ingredients for a new detective show.